1517 The Flame Rekindled 2.png


(dir: Clayton Van Huss /USA/50 min)


Five hundred years ago, a single monk had the audacity to nail his problems with the Church to the door of the Church. The single most influential man in the history of the world since the time of the apostles, who was Martin Luther and how did his actions on October 31, 1517 change the world?

1517 THE FLAME REKINDLED screens with the following short films:

Crimson 2.jpg


(dir: Tammy Lane/USA/11 min)

The story develops as we see the principal characters, Peter, Judas, and Malchus process the harrowing account of Jesus’ road from the garden to the cross. Each life is not only interwoven with Jesus, but also with each other throughout this story of a life given for a life saved, should they choose to accept it.


Proclaim the Wonders God Has Done: The Journey of the Evangelical Lutheran Synod

(dir: Jeffrey Hendrix/USA/20 min)

In 1917, the Norwegian Synod was one of the largest Lutheran church bodies in America. But by 1918, only a small remnant remained to reorganize their former synod. It looked like a failure, yet this was the beginning of the Evangelical Lutheran Synod (ELS).

Embark on a journey through the history of the ELS. Through struggle, hardship, and failure, the journey of the ELS is a testament to the working of God and the growth of the church through hidden means.